Asbestos Information

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of flexible fibers. It was one of the most popular construction materials prior to the 1980’s. Asbestos was considered a cost-effective material and it was predominantly used in ceiling tiles, flooring, insulation and as a heat-resistant material. 

After extensive research, it was determined that when asbestos containing material is disturbed, asbestos fibers become released into the air and lead to significant health effects. Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma and Asbestosis are the most common diseases associated with asbestos exposure.

When is the best time to have an asbestos inspection?
If you plan to renovate within a home built prior to 1980
If you are buying or selling your home
If you have health symptoms associated with asbestos

If your home does have asbestos containing material, always hire a professional who is licensed in handling asbestos to perform abatement. They will contain the work area and dispose of the material properly.

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